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Parent Information

PARENT Involvement

Our Club is dependant on parent volunteers!  There are many opportunities to help the entire club or just your daughter's Team.  Please review these opportunites and 

CLUB Opportunities:
  • Lodging coordinator for tournaments
  • Event Planning
    • Community Service Event
    • End of Season Banquet
TEAM Opportunities:
  • Team Manager (Communication regarding practices/tournaments,  Parent/Player coordination, etc.)
  • Team Statistics /  Score Keepers (12s)
  • Team Building Coordinator (pizza parties, sleep over’s...fun stuff that brings the team together)
  • Picture / Video Coordinator


PARENT Expectations

Parent/Coach Conflict Policy

Our club policy is as the parent of a volleyball player, if you have reason to disagree with a decision that your daughters coach has made and you would like to approach the coach to discuss this, you must observe a 24 hour cooling off period. As a club we want and expect the players to be able to communicate with their coach first. If the player feels more comfortable to have a parent present during a conversation, parent involvement is allowable. By having a "cooling-off" period for parents and players, one can get the space and perspective needed to have a calm, cooperative conversation. 

Playing Time & Positions

This is competitive volleyball.  Guaranteed playing time is not a reality especially at the older age levels. We do strive for fair playing time whenever possible at the younger age levels 12-13s.  All good volleyball players must understand that all the positions require a basic skill set for each position for which they are being trained during practices. Depending on competition levels and makeup of the team, players will could be asked to play a variety of positions which could change, limit, or increase their playing time. It is our club policy that players must initiate converstations surrounding their playing time or positions.

Thunder Volleyball Bullying Policy

We expect our players, parents and staff to act (on or off the court, at home or in school)in a way that fosters a safe, civil and non-threatening environment in which all players, coaches and parents are treated with dignity and respect. Our policy outlines what we consider bullying behavior and highlights the potential ramifications should an incident ocurr.  It is mandatory that all participants understand our policy and sign a declaration of said understanding.  The bullying policy is available for download on our website and will be made available to all at the registration meetings.