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BAC is a volunteer organization that enriches the lives of young people through sports.

Please reach out to the BAC Boys In House board team, for further information or to express interest.

Volunteers are a necessity to keep the program running smoothly and effectively teach our children teamwork and sportsmanship. Volunteering with BAC will both challenge and enrich you. We have opportunities to manage and supervise, along with many 'behind the scenes' opportunities. If you are looking to improve your position in your work place or transition into a new career field, this might be the spring board towards advancement!  

Let’s give back to the community, leave a legacy, and teach our kids to be part of something big.


In-House Basketball Opportunities

Filled - Commissioner – Act as president of the organization.  Coordinate the leadership team.  Negotiate with the school district and neighboring organizations.  Recruit.  Identify the next leader. Represent the sport at BAC board meetings.  Keep the BAC president abreast of opportunities, challenges and areas that may require his/her action.

Assistant Commissioner – Assist the commissioner and recruit to fill open positions.

Filled - Treasurer – Track revenues and expenses.  Make projections based on upcoming events.  Manage spend plan to minimize the impact on fund balance.

Assistant Scheduler – Assist the scheduler in identifying conflicts.  Ensure that facilities are available as planned.

Grade Coordinator/Manager - Build teams, select coaches, schedule practices and games, plus track and publish game stats.  Recruit coaches and other parents to delegate some responsibilities (divide and conquer).

  • High School (9th - 12th) Manager

  • Filled - 7th and 8th Grades Manager

  • Filled - 5th and 6th Grades Manager

  • 3rd and 4th Grades Manager

  • Filled - K-2nd Grade Manager


Filled - Assistant Web Master - Assist with updating and uploading content to the BAC website.

Filled - Uniform Manager – Work with vendor to get uniforms on time.  Distribute uniforms to teams.

Filled - Picture Manager – Work with picture vendor to set up picture day and coordinate photo distribution.  Promote days where families should take picture with their own cameras or phones.

Concession Manager – Recruit a team that can decide what products will sell well in our environment and schedule volunteers to support the effort.

Communication and Advertising Manager - Promote the sport through print and video.  Ensure that score sheets and other documents are available.  Respond to voicemail and email inquiries.


More positions will be added in the near future.