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2020 Tryout Information 


Tryout dates for the 2020 season of Burnsville Traveling Baseball have been set for March 15 and 16, 2020. Please mark your calendar now, as tryouts are mandatory.

*This year, as a result of scheduling conflicts with the State Tournament for Traveling Basketball, traveling basketball players (only) will have the option of trying out on the evening of Friday, March 13th. Parents of players who need this option must email BTB with their request by March 6 at   Otherwise, players will be expected to try out during their regularly scheduled times on Saturday and Sunday. Basketball players are also encouraged to attend Sunday morning tryouts if at all possible. 

Group Assignments for Tryouts
Please check this page for Group Assignments in early March to see your player's scheduled tryout times for Friday, March 13th, Saturday, March 14th, and Sunday, March 15th. 

After tryouts, rosters will be emailed and posted to the website on March 17th. 
A 24-hour "cooling off" period takes place after the rosters have been posted. Emails will not be read or responded to during this 24-hour period. If you have questions or concerns after the cooling-off period has passed, please email the appropriate BTB contact listed on the Contacts page. 

Guides & Info

There will be a presentation shared at the Pre-Tryout Informational Meeting on March 5th. Please attend this meeting for a complete overview of tryouts. We will also post the presentation to this page after the meeting. 

Please view the Tryout Evaluation Key for specific information about how players are evaluated and scored during tryouts. 

Waiver Required

Any player trying out who does not have a waiver on file with the Savage Dome will need to present one at check-in. Click Batting Waiver to print and complete the form. 

Tryout Equipment

Your player should bring the following equipment to tryouts: 

  • Clothing WITHOUT first or last name visible
  • Tennis shoes or rubber molded cleats (no metal spikes)
  • Athletic supporter with a protective cup for indoor fielding 
  • Batting helmet
  • Bat (USA stamped for 10U-13U and 14U if not using BBCOR).
    For more info, see Bat Requirements page.
  • Glove

Distances and Speeds per Age Group

Age Pitching Distance Base Distance
10's 40 MPH @ 46 Feet  60 Feet
11's  45 MPH @ 46 Feet 65 Feet
12's 50 MPH @ 52 Feet 75 Feet
13's  55 MPH @ 54 Feet 80 Feet
14's 60 MPH @ 60' 6" 90 Feet
15's 65 MPH @ 60' 6" 90 Feet